ILLUSIONE PERSISTENTE – Photografs by Gabriele Giugni, Federico Grandicelli, Michela Palermo

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Fotografie di Gabriele Giugni, Federico Grandicelli, Michela Palermo

a cura di Allen Frame

13 aprile – 5 maggio 2018

inaugurazione 13 aprile, ore 19

Gabriele Giugni’s urban figures on the street at night look like outtakes from a dream, characters in a fugue state caught in the momentary glare of a neon sign or traffic light. Michela Palermo’s intimate grainy figures are glimpsed closeup, suspended in the abstract dark of cinematic situations, raw and remembered. Federico Grandicelli’s silver gelatin photograms have a material immediacy, folded into sculpture like an indexical paradox, or as prints on the wall, tonal sighs of subtle manipulation.

The three Italian photographers all studied, at different times, at the International Center of Photography in NY, a school and museum founded by Magnum photographer Cornell Cape but now as much associated with new directions in art photography as with reportage. The curator, photographer Allen Frame, teaches at ICP but is doing a year-long residency at the American Academy in Rome. His own work was part of a three-person show at ACTA International in 2014. Now in a different role, he is organizing two exhibitions for ACTA; the second one, also with three photographers, opens June 5th.



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GIOELE – Photographs by Fabio Moscatelli

Giovanna Pennacchi is delighted to present the exhibition


Photographs by Fabio Moscatelli

Flaminia Colli, Curator

November 24 – December 16, 2017

Opening Friday, November 24 at 6:30 pm

Acta International’s cultural season is opening with a new formula: exhibitions of artists who have already achieved important photographic identities will be presented, and from time to time the curatorship will be entrusted to art school students.

The special aspect of this exhibition program is the involvement of young curators who will be working under the mentorship of journalist / curator Loredana De Pace, who created this formula for Acta International. In this way, these young aspirants will be able to experiment and test themselves, working closely with photographers who have already established their own paths.

The first artist to be presented is Roman photographer, Fabio Moscatelli.

Fabio Moscatelli’s exhibition brings us face-to-face with the fragile and delicate world of Gioele, an autistic boy, who at the time of their first meeting was at the transitional age between childhood and early adolescence.

The project, created from the desire to understand and deepen the theme of autism, does not stop with an analysis of the boy’s specific reality. The images come out of intimacy, the depth of their relationship, and the artist’s and Gioele’s desire to immerse themselves in each other’s lives.


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Giovanna Pennacchi is pleased to present the exhibition

Come in cielo, come in terra

Photographs by Serena Vittorini

Diego Mormorio and Fanny Borel, curators

January 25 – February 15 , 2017

Opening Wednesday January 25 at 6,30 pm

Serena Vittorini’s photographs show a reaction to materialism from which society is struggling to free itself.

During her stay in Lodine, a small inland town, whether through personal research, or good fortune, Ms. Vittorini found a way to capture moments that reveal humanity’s ancestral coexistence with Nature. Those fundamental moments in the life of human beings are often ignored, but they show the sole possibility humanity has to reconcile with the environment, and consequently with itself.

Fanny Borel



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Fragility – Photographs by Barbara Luisi

Senza titolo

Giovanna Pennacchi is pleased to present


Photographs by Barbara Luisi

Curated by Manuela De Leonardis

November 21 – December 14, 2016

Opening reception: Monday, November 21, 2016 – 6:30 PM

Bodies that intertwine giving way to the movements of a virtual dance, fast-paced dialogues of gazes: the series Fragility (2013-2015) defines the meaning of intimacy by allowing traces of eroticism to surface without any sense of provocation. Often hands and feet are the focus. Barbara Luisi shares an intimacy that is born out of the improvisatory quality of the models’ gestures (they are no professionals), rather than from the exigencies of the photographic set, from their whispered words, and from the way they move in the darkness of her studio, “each one expressing feelings of being trapped inside themselves.” A perceivable unconditional freedom enters in the composition of the image. Fragility is understood as something other than a potentially labile psychological condition, in its potential as gift, as a secret to protect. Together with nature, art—in all its declinations—is an unending source of inspiration throughout the centuries. Especially the art one can breath in Rome where Luisi goes at age eighteen when she starts photographing. Michelangelo’s Pietà—the neat naturalness of the figures and the aspiration to perfection of the forms—is a model that will come back in time, along with Caravaggio’s hallmark, that is, the theatricality in the use of light, and the pulsating and ambiguous sensuality that filters through Bernini’s sculptures, all the more so when the subject is the Ecstasy of Saint Theresa. The classical legacy—absorbed and processed over time—is synthesized by an emblematic work such as the Torso of Discobolus (restored like a wounded warrior) in the Musei Capitolini, marble copy dating to the I century A.C. of Myron’s sculpture, restored and reinterpreted between 1658 and 1733 by the French sculptor Pierre-Etienne Monnot, in which the tension of the thrust forward is already captured in the following moment.

The language of black and white, printing mostly with silver gelatin on baryta or pigment prints, at times also as platinum prints, is a necessary choice if photography is to enhance reality through the subtraction of elements. Just as with music, in which countless possibilities are given through the combination of only seven notes.

(Manuela de Leonardis)

Barbara Luisi was born in Munich and works between New York, Zurich and Camogli (Italy). A violinist since the age of nine, after graduating from the Munich Arts and Music High School, she continued her studies at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater in Munich. She has played with some of the most important European orchestras, such as the Munich Philharmonic, the Orchestre Nationale du Capitole of Toulouse, and the Bayerische Staatsoper. In addition, she was First Violin in the Pocci String Quartet. Fascinated by the camera obscura, she started to experiment with photography at the age of seventeen. Portraiture, often associated with theatre and music, is one of her favorite genres, along with nude, still life, and nocturnal photography. She has studies and worked with such photographers as Eikoh Hosoe, Art Streiber, Michael Grecco and Jock Sturges. Among her most recent solo exhibitions are: 2015 – Florence After Midnight Fall, Opera House, Firenze; Dreamland, Glorietta Gallery, Beirut; Night on Earth, NYU University, New York; 2014 – ŒUVRES RÉCENTES, European Center for Photography, Paris; Night and Nude, Emmeotto Gallery, Rome; Dreamland, Auditorium Fondazione Paolo Grassi, Martina Franca (TA). She is the author of the books, Nude Nature (Böhlau, 2008), Glühende Nacht (Böhlau, 2008), Pearls, Tears of the Sea (Böhlau, 2011), and Dreamland (Contrasto, 2014).

You can see some of her work at:


Fragility. Photographs by Barbara Luisi

November 21 – December 14, 2016

Opening reception: Monday, November 21, 2016 – 6:30PM

Curated by Manuela De Leonardis


Director: Giovanna Pennacchi

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A STRATI – Photographs by Simon d’Exéa



Giovanna Pennacchi is pleased to present the exhibition


Photographs by Simon d’Exéa

Diego Mormorio, Curator

April 20  — May 20, 2016

Opening Wednesday, April 20, 2016

At 6.30 pm

The twelve photographs in black and white, measure 40 x 30 cm (16 x 12 inches), were made by layering, hence the exhibition’s title. The photographs are of architecture: simultaneous visions, as can be seen in the 1911 painting by Umberto Boccioni, for whom simultaneity was “an absolute necessity in a work of art. ” Diego Mormorio, the exhibition’s curator, explains that Simon d’Exéa “is on this road – the only poetically viable one – but it’s with his own particular approach. He seems committed to staying on the marvelous sea of simultaneity, keeping an eye open to Renaissance methods.”

The images on display portray monuments and places in Rome and Paris. The photographer was born in 1983 in Paris. The works are layerings of multiple photos of the same place taken from different angles. Among the portraits of monuments by the photographer, the Church of Sant’Agostino in Torre Maura, the Casa delle armi in Moretti, the Church of Santa Maria alla Navicella, the Imperial Forum.

The work of these compositions has a purely aesthetic base, a play on the images of the chosen place that is imprinted on the memory.

The images in this exhibition are all unpublished, and were conceived and created especially for this exhibition.

Simon d’Exéa attended the Masters Program in Photography at the Roman School of Photography (2002-2005) simultaneously working as an assistant in the photographic studio. From 2005 to 2010, he was assistant to the photographer, Claudio Abate, and since 2010, to the artist, Ileana Florescu. He has collaborated with various publications, including the Italiana Arte magazine, the Japanese magazine, Spur, and the French magazine, Elle. Specializing in Contemporary Art photography, he has collaborated with numerous artists, including Piero Pizzi Cannella, Oliviero Rainaldi and Giovanni Albanese, and with museums and galleries, including the MACRO and The Fabio Sargentini Studio.


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