ILLUSIONE PERSISTENTE – Photografs by Gabriele Giugni, Federico Grandicelli, Michela Palermo

Giovanna Pennacchi è lieta di presentare la mostra


Fotografie di Gabriele Giugni, Federico Grandicelli, Michela Palermo

a cura di Allen Frame

13 aprile – 5 maggio 2018

inaugurazione 13 aprile, ore 19

Gabriele Giugni’s urban figures on the street at night look like outtakes from a dream, characters in a fugue state caught in the momentary glare of a neon sign or traffic light. Michela Palermo’s intimate grainy figures are glimpsed closeup, suspended in the abstract dark of cinematic situations, raw and remembered. Federico Grandicelli’s silver gelatin photograms have a material immediacy, folded into sculpture like an indexical paradox, or as prints on the wall, tonal sighs of subtle manipulation.

The three Italian photographers all studied, at different times, at the International Center of Photography in NY, a school and museum founded by Magnum photographer Cornell Cape but now as much associated with new directions in art photography as with reportage. The curator, photographer Allen Frame, teaches at ICP but is doing a year-long residency at the American Academy in Rome. His own work was part of a three-person show at ACTA International in 2014. Now in a different role, he is organizing two exhibitions for ACTA; the second one, also with three photographers, opens June 5th.



Direzione: Giovanna Pennacchi

via Panisperna, 82/83

00184 Roma

tel +39 06.47742005


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