CIELO E ACCIAIO – Photographs by Irene Avaltroni

Giovanna Pennacchi is pleased to present the exhibition

CIELO E ACCIAIO – Photografs by Irene Avaltroni

Manuela De Leonardis, Curator

16 novembre – 15 dicembre 2018

Cielo e acciaio (Sky and Steel) is a selection of twenty color photographs from the body of work that Irene Avaltroni created between the second half of 2017 and 2018, during her site inspection and breaks at work in Aarhus and Copenhagen (Denmark), where the construction of a light rail and a rapid transit system respecti vely are in progress, or during her short return trips to Rome. These images belong to her daily routine as civil engineer and architect with a decided and authentic curiosity toward the photographic language. Mishima, in Sun and Steel, writes: “What I saw was not a subjective illusion but, necessarily, the fragment of a clear collective vision.” Borrowed words (even in the exhibition title) restore the sense of intuitively poetic interior research. “My glance meeting that moving wavering light blue sky, was penetrated for an instant by the pathos of the Creator,” the great Japanese writer writes again. In Avalroni’s shots, steely hardness is declined in the forms of bolts, scaffoldings, bars, armatures, cableways, supports, cranes, catwalks, pipes, hooks, nails, cables, and clamps. They lose their anonymous pride to gain a metaphoric physiognomy. A gentle (but not sugarcoated) eye brings these forms, which sometimes become repeated patterns, transforming them into fleeting visions, yet clearly real. A flowery garden, a suspended tunnel, an abstract vortex: geometries that run after each other, redefining the border of the interior photographic world and whatever surrounds it.

(Manuela De Leonardis)


Direzione: Giovanna Pennacchi
via Panisperna, 82/83
00184 Roma
tel +39 06.47742005


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