GIOELE – Photographs by Fabio Moscatelli

Giovanna Pennacchi is delighted to present the exhibition


Photographs by Fabio Moscatelli

Flaminia Colli, Curator

November 24 – December 16, 2017

Opening Friday, November 24 at 6:30 pm

Acta International’s cultural season is opening with a new formula: exhibitions of artists who have already achieved important photographic identities will be presented, and from time to time the curatorship will be entrusted to art school students.

The special aspect of this exhibition program is the involvement of young curators who will be working under the mentorship of journalist / curator Loredana De Pace, who created this formula for Acta International. In this way, these young aspirants will be able to experiment and test themselves, working closely with photographers who have already established their own paths.

The first artist to be presented is Roman photographer, Fabio Moscatelli.

Fabio Moscatelli’s exhibition brings us face-to-face with the fragile and delicate world of Gioele, an autistic boy, who at the time of their first meeting was at the transitional age between childhood and early adolescence.

The project, created from the desire to understand and deepen the theme of autism, does not stop with an analysis of the boy’s specific reality. The images come out of intimacy, the depth of their relationship, and the artist’s and Gioele’s desire to immerse themselves in each other’s lives.


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