Indirect Sights – Photographs by Lisistrata Simone

Indirect Sights

Photographs by Lisistrata Simone

curator Diego Mormorio

Acta International Roma

June 4 – 20, 2015

Opening Thursday June 4 – 7,00 pm

Acta International Gallery is pleased to present Indirect Sights, photographs by Lisistrata Simone.

Shadows and reflections are a mysterious path, one, perhaps, full of pitfalls. Alessandra Lisistrata Simone chose to follow it and, for what we can see, it seems that, while avoiding the dangers, she has been able to grasp the beauty. There seems to be a glade in the forest.

Diego Mormorio

Thanks to you, my gaze becomes a magical eye; I’m able to see myself again in the reflections and shadows and with you I find again the world around me and I relive caught in an instant, I snap and leave an impression, a memory.

Images are part of humanity, we are surrounded by images, symbols of our daily lives. We express ourselves through words, but the language we use returns to us as an image and a vision. Of course each of us carries within his own world view formed by experience, feelings, emotions. It is like the myth of Plato’s cave, where shadows cast by men chained in the cave were projected onto the walls reflecting the life of men and women outside of the cave and what was real for some was not for others, each living his own representation of reality.

Lisistrata Simone

Alessandra Lisistrata Simone, her first name is Alessandra, but she is very attached to her second name Lisistrata, thinking back to the comedy of Aristophane. She was born in Rome on 27th January 1967. She has always been interested in art. Beginning from her studies in Sociology, she sees that her path has been widened by her interest in others, by her desire to understand the world, the cultural changes that take place. In all this her love for photography has lead her to become more aware and sensitive, with the wish to use this medium to touch hearts and lead to action.



Giovanna Pennacchi, director

via Panisperna, 82-83

00184 Roma

Tuesday – Saturday 5.00pm – 8.30pm

Tel 064742005


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